English Teachers' Resources

Below you will find a list of videos of songs with lyrics, plus the words to print out.

 There are also a couple of comedy skits.

I've found these useful in teaching English to adults.

Left click on the name of the video or corresponding Word doc and you will be given the option to open or save the file.

Alternatively right click and choose "save target as".

Using Songs and Videos to Teach English - Power Point Presentation from 2017 ETAS AGM 

Please note that some of the video files are large and may take a while to download, depending on your download speed.

Also, some of the word docs contain German translations, which may need to be checked before you use them.

Of course, thousands of songs with lyrics are available on youtube.com

And printed lyrics and many translations are available at songtexte.com


Word Docs with Lyrics Videos
Achy Breaky Heart.docx Achy Breaky Heart.mp4
Addicted to you.docx Addicted To You.mp4
Aint no Mountain High Enough.docx Aint no Mountain High Enough.mp4
Aint your mama.docx Ain't Your Mama.mp4
All I Want for Christmas Is You.docx All I want for Christmas is You.mp4
All My Loving.docx All My Loving.mp4
All Over Me.docx All over me.mp4
Anything You can do I can do Better.docx Anything You Can Do I can do Better.mp4
Baby its Cold Outside.docx Baby it's Cold Outside.mp4
Best Day of My Life.docx

Best Day of My Life.mp4

Big Yellow Taxi.docx Big Yellow Taxi.mp4
Blank Space.docx Blank Space.mp4
Bridge Over Troubled Water.docx Bridge over troubled water.mp4
Busy Man.docx Busy Man.mp4
California Girls.docx California Girls.mp4
Check Yes or No.docx Check Yes or No.mp4
Close to You.docx Close to You.mp4
Dizzy.docx Dizzy.mp4
dont worry be happy.docx Dont worry be happy.mp4
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.docx Every Body Loves Somebody Sometime.mp4
Fever.docx FEVER.mp4
Flowers Are Red.docx Flowers Are Red.mp4
Fly Me to the Moon.docx Fly me to the moon.mp4
Forever.docx Forever.mp4
Happy Together.docx Happy Together.mp4
Hello Goodbye.docx hello goodbye.mp4
Hit the Road Jack.docx Hit The Road Jack.mp4
Hold My Hand.docx Hold my hand.mp4
Word Doc not available How German sounds compared to other languages.mp4
I Could not care less.docx I couldn't care less.mp4
I Got A Car.docx I Got A Car.mp4
I Just Called To Say I Love You.docx I Just Called to Say I Love You.mp4
I Walk the Line.docx I Walk The Line.mp4
I Will Always Love You.docx I will always love you.mp4
I'll never fall in love again.docx I'll never fall in love again.mp4
In the Summertime.docx In The Summertime.mp4
It Takes Two.docx It Takes Two.mp4
It's not Unusual.docx It's Not Unusual.mp4
It's raining men.docx It's Raining Men.mp4
It's So Easy to fall in love.docx It's So Easyto fall in Love.mp4
Jailhouse Rock.docx Jailhouse Rock.mp4
Killing Me Softly With His Song.docx Killing Me Softly With His Song.mp4
Last Friday Night.docx Last Friday Night.mp4
Leaving On a Jet Plane.docx Leaving on a Jet Plane.mp4
Let It Snow.docx Let It Snow.mp4
Love Me Like You Do.docx Love Me Like You Do.mp4
Luka.docx LUKA.mp4
Mamma Mia.docx Mamma Mia.mp4
Man I feel like a woman.docx Man! I Feel Like A Woman!.mp4
My Baby takes the Morning Train.docx My Baby Takes The Morning Train.mp4
My List.docx My List.mp4
No place I'd Rather Be.docx No place I'd Rather Be.mp4
Our House.docx Our House.mp4
Pina Colada Song.docx Pina Colada Song.mp4
Right here waiting.docx Right Here Waiting.mp4
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.docx Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.mp4
Say Youll be there.docx Say You'll Be There.mp4
Shake It Off.docx Shake It Off.mp4
Something Stupid.docx Something Stupid.mp4
Stand by Your Man.docx Stand By Your Man.mp4
Sugar Sugar.docx Sugar Sugar.mp4
Tale of Two Brains word doc not available Tale of Two Brains.mp4
Thank You for the Music.docx Thank You For The Music.mp4
That Dont impress me much.docx

That Dont Impress Me Much.mp4

Thats Amore.docx

Thats Amore.mp4

The Girl From Ipanema.docx The Girl From Ipanema.mp4
The Lazy Song.docx The Lazy Song.mp4
Theres a kind of a hush.docx Theres a kind of a hush.mp4
Time of my life.docx Time of my life.mp4
Tonight Again.docx Tonight Again.mp4
Top of the World.docx

Top of the World .mp4

Walking in a Winter Wonderland.docx Walking in a Winter Wonderland.mp4
Waterloo.docx Waterloo.mp4
Weve only just begun.docx We've Only Just Begun.mp4
What a Wonderful World.docx What A Wonderful World.mp4
When Im 64.docx When I'm Sixty Four.mp4
Wrong Number Scene.docx Wrong Number.mp4
Yesterday Once More.docx Yesterday Once More.mp4
You Are So Beautiful.docx You Are So Beautiful.mp4
You Can Leave Your Hat On.docx You can Leave Your Hat on.mp4
You're the inspiration.docx You're The Inspiration.mp4
Youve got a friend.docx You've got a friend.mp4
You've made me so very happy.docx You've Made Me So Very Happy.mp4
Yummy Yummy Yummy.docx Yummy Yummy Yummy.mp4



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